Feng shui is one of the factors that cannot be ignored in interior design for houses, apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc. Placing interiors appropriate to fengshui is of great interest to most homeowners or project investors because choosing the right Feng shui is believed to bring great luck and convenience.

Outstanding applications of plywood in the interior

Plywood is a material familiar in the industrial wood industry or the furniture manufacturing industry. With origin from 100% natural planted forest wood with outstanding advantages in durability and aesthetics, Plywood furniture is loved by many users and has a strong position in these industries. Some great applications of plywood in interior design can be mentioned as follows:

  • Tables and chairs for living room and kitchen
  • Bed, dressing table, and bedroom partition.
  • Room partition
  • Wooden floor and ceiling
  • Office furniture, showroom, restaurant, hotel, etc.

Choosing wooden furniture that suits feng shui

We cannot deny that plywood has many wonderful applications in interior design. With its origin from natural planted forest wood, plywood furniture brings warmth and elegance to many different living spaces. In addition, the choice of wooden furniture following feng shui is also significant and cannot be ignored.


  • Metal element: choose yellow, or golden brown Plywood furniture
  • Wood element: choose black or brown Plywood furniture
  • Water element: choose black, white or yellow Plywood furniture
  • Fire element: choose red or reddish-brown Plywood furniture
  • Earth element: choose brown, yellow-brown, or red Plywood furniture


Besides choosing the right plywood furniture color, the shape is equally important to some customers. Discussing feng shui, things with soft, rounded corners are often negative and suitable for placing in the bedroom. In contrast, objects with many angles, squares, or straight lines will be positive. Plywood furniture with this characteristic is often suitable in the kitchen or bathroom.

Suitable living space is critical as they significantly affect each person’s daily life. We hope this article will be helpful and satisfy the information you are looking for.

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