These days, plywood furniture often appears in many households. Along with its advantages of durability, aesthetics, and reasonable cost, this material is expected to become “the focal point” in the furniture market. However, few people can fully understand how to preserve plywood furniture as well as the factors that can affect its quality and longevity.

Factors affecting the quality of plywood furniture

One of the top concerns in the plywood furniture market today is quality. The phenomenon of plywood with low quality appearing on the market is more and more difficult to distinguish. Therefore, besides finding a reputable place to buy furniture, ADX Plywood offers a small piece of advice that you should learn some information about this material. In general, the factors affecting plywood furniture can be divided into two fundamental aspects as follows:

Factors in the plywood production

Factors that can be mentioned in the plywood production process affect the quality of the furniture, including:

  • Wood core quality
  • Surface coating material
  • Drying Technique
  • Production technology
  • Production line machinery

Factors in the process of using and preserving furniture

In addition to the above factors, plywood furniture’s quality and service life are also greatly affected by environmental impacts and during use. Factors such as:

  • Temperature
  • Locations
  • Usage purposes
  • frequency of use

Methods of preserving durable plywood furniture over time

It can be said that plywood furniture is used a lot in daily life. This type of material is highly appreciated for its durability and aesthetics than other types. However, the interior will deteriorate if not used and maintained correctly. Here are some “Tips” to preserve and prolong the life of plywood furniture that ADX Plywood wants to send to customers.

  • Place the interior in a dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Regularly clean with a dry or damp cloth
  • Limit placing heavy objects on furniture for a long time
  • Fix minor surface defects (if any)
  • Choose to buy plywood furniture at a reputable place

ADX Plywood has just provided customers with information about the factors affecting the quality as well as how to preserve durable plywood furniture over time. We hope this article will be helpful and meet the information you are looking for. Please contact ADX Plywood immediately if you are looking for a supply of quality plywood with competitive prices in the market.

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