Film faced board has recently been recognized as a high-quality material source for construction. With great benefits, especially good water resistance, this type of board gradually takes over consumers’ minds when mentioning formwork. Furthermore, film-coated boards are used in fields such as interior, exterior, marine, and so on. In this post, ADX Plywood will provide customers with detailed information and the best list of film plywood prices.

What is film faced plywood?

What is film faced plywood?

Film faced plywood also has other names, like plywood shuttering or formwork. This is an engineered wood with a core consisting of many layers of veneer stacked on top of each other, and the surface is covered with a smooth film layer. These layers are bonded together using WBP waterproof glue under standard pressure and temperature.

Detailed structure

Film coated board includes three main components:

  • Core: Many thin veneer sheets about 1.7mm are piled on top of each other in structural designs consisting of LVL, LVB, or LVD.
  • Surface: Coved by a smooth phenolic film layer, which is good scratch-resistant and waterproof.
  • Glue: Some common types of adhesive are: MUF – Melamine Urea Formaldehyde, PF – Phenol Formaldehyde, etc., which help increase durability and water resistance.

Standard size

Film faced board has dimensions of 1220mm x 2440mm and a thickness ranging from 12mm – 18mm, depending on customer needs. For some other requirements, ADX can meet certain quantities with other popular sizes.

Film faced plywood applications

  • Construction

With various advantages such as outstanding water resistance, high mechanical hardness, light weight,… film coated panels are usually used as formwork in construction projects. Using this type of formwork reduces both costs and time.

In addition, workers can also take advantage of formwork to make temporary houses for living and resting right on the construction site. Due to the advantages of being sturdy and water resistant, they can meet the needs of long-term use.

Application for construction

  • Exterior – interior

Aside from excellent uses in buildings, film board is also popular in interior and exterior design. Products made from this sort of board can be used in environments that require pressure resistance and high humidity.

Interior and exterior applications

  • Flooring

Another ideal application of film board is flooring, which is often seen as lining the floor of containers, trunks, passenger car undercarriages, etc. The glossy surface, good water resistance, and rarely scratched surface are the outstanding advantages of film boards for this purpose.

Film faced plywood prices

With the mission of providing high-quality products at reasonable prices, ADX strives every day. Currently, we have fully achieved health safety certificates and export standards such as CARB P2, FSC, ISO,… Therefore, customers can be completely assured about the quality and longevity of our film coated plywood.

Depending on the thickness and quantity required, plywood prices will vary widely. Please contact ADX to receive an accurate price and the most suitable discount. Or you can refer to the general price list below.





(USD/ sheet)

  • Size: 4ft x 8ft
  • Core: Acaria
  • Standard: E0, Carb P2, FSC

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What distinguishes film faced plywood at ADX?

ADX Plywood is constantly confident and committed to providing consumers with high-quality, sustainable products and numerous other excellent pros. Below are some benefits of our film boards.

Quality wood material sources

Raw materials for film coated board production are mostly harvested from a licensed planted forest of nearly 28,000 hectares. This helps decrease the plywood cost when it reaches the customer. Besides, using planted wood resources helps ADX protect the environment and maintain the green color of the earth.

Film faced plywood price

Strict production process

To ensure the board’s quality, each stage of the manufacturing process must adhere to tight standards and controls. Thanks to the development of modern technology, machines are enhanced, and product quality is increasingly improved.

Film faced board manufacturing procedure:

Step 1. Harvesting natural wood

Step 2. Peeling wood into veneer

Step 3. Sorting and drying

Step 4. Sewing and spreading glue

Step 5. Lay-upping the veneers

Step 6. Cold pressing wood’s core

Step 7. Repairing defect

Step 8. Hot pressing wood’s core

Step 9. Fixing surface

Step 10. Sanding and preliminary cutting core

Step 11. Dyeing to prevent core exposure

Step 12. Applying glue and bonding the film surface

Step 13. Cold pressing surface

Step 14. Hot pressing surface

Step 15. Sanding

Step 16. Trimming to standard size

Step 17. Finishing

Production lines

Excellent boiling tolerance

Film coated plywood often uses BWP (Boiling Water Proof) glue, including MUF and PF, which have good water resistance. At ADX Plywood, this board is tested over a 72-hour boiling process without peeling or separating and has the same effectiveness as international marine plywood. As a result, products made from this engineered plywood avoid damage by mold and termites. Therefore, they are trusted by many contractors on large construction projects.

Ability to reuse many times

This is one of the reasons why contractors select film plywood for their projects. They have great qualities and can be reused numerous times. According to customer feedback, plywood shuttering at ADX Plywood can be utilized up to 20 times without being sawed or cut. This helps to reduce the project’s construction expenses.

Domestic manufacturing factory

In the past, there were few manufacturers in Vietnam producing film faced board, and most boards had to be imported from abroad, making customers more considerate. We now has a production factory in the Bac Dong Hoi Industrial Area, Quang Binh, near the source of the plantation forest. At the same time, we also built a warehouse in Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City, which partly helps buyers save time and money in choosing material sources.

What factors affect price of plywood?

Nowadays, there are many suppliers with different prices for film coated board, which is influenced by many factors:

Raw wood material

Plywood cores are often made from many types of wood, such as Acacia, Melaleuca, Eucalyptus, Oak, and so on. Each type will have unique properties and expenses. Some woods are harvested seasonally, which influences the overall pricing of the board. Furthermore, wood cores that satisfy FSC standards and come from plantation forests will be more expensive.

Types of glues

Glue is an essential element in engineered wood that helps the board layers bond together tightly and boost waterproofing capacity. There are numerous varieties of glue available nowadays. WBP – phenolic glue is the most common glue used for film coated board. As a result, boards made with this adhesive can withstand harsh conditions. Therefore, plywood covered by film will be higher price than other types.

Glue for engineered wood

Types of film surface

The type of film surface, like other components, influences the pricing of film coated plywood. Nowadays, two types of film are widely used: black film and brown film. Among these, black film is thought to have greater quality, durability, and water resistance. As a result, its price is slightly higher than brown film. Customers should use high-end boards for high-grade buildings to assure quality and minimize construction time.

Types of film surface

Guide for using and preserving plywood shuttering

Preserving and using film plywood in the right way is very important; it affects the lifespan of the board. To help customers optimize construction costs, ADX Plywood offers a few things to note:

Before using

  • Keep the film board dry and away from direct horizontal sunlight
  • Package carefully when moving to avoid damage to the board as well as ensure safety for workers
  • Use a lifting machine reduces surface scratches

When using

  • Use saws and cutting machines with sharp, strong blades to reduce board structure damage and ensure worker safety.
  • Cover the surface with a layer of tape to limit cracking when drilling or screwing
  • Apply waterproof glue to the edge of board to prevent termite damage
  • Use mold oil and anti-adhesion before pouring concrete for easier cleaning, reducing the possibility of surface’s damage

After using

  • Clean formwork with water jets and plastic/nylon brushes
  • Let the board dry and clean before taking it to storage

Guide for using and preserving plywood shuttering


Above is some information and film faced plywood price list. We hope customers can understand more about this type of engineered wood. ADX Plywood specializes in providing high quality plywood, produced directly at domestic factories. If you have any questions, please contact us using the information below!

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