The contractor is suggested to take into account a variety of factors including both features and cost for formwork materials. Film-faced plywood is one of the most popular and has several exceptional qualities that make it able to satisfy the demands of contractors. Why then does using the wood panel with a film coating result in lower building costs? Discover the top 5 reasons below!

What is Film Faced Plywood 

Film Faced Plywood is a type of waterproof panel which is considered the top quality engineered wood, also commonly known as external or building material… It is made of many thin wood layers bonded together with specialized water-resistant glue and covered with film paper on both board surfaces.

Normally, It is well known for its role in formwork for buildings. It is also used in both interior and exterior products like kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, doors, container flooring, etc. even in places with high humidity.

What is Film Faced Plywood

How Construction Plywood can reduce building costs?

Stable price

Film faced plywood is reasonably priced, adaptable, and effective for many projects. It is a cost-effective solution to other materials like iron and steel,…

Convenient transportation

It is lighter than certain other types of formwork, which reduces the need for shipping time, effort, and labor. Giving the superior option generally resulted in significant cost savings.

ADX operates a engineered wood manufacturer in Quang Binh, in the middle of Vietnam, and a warehouse in Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City. It is convenient to supply fast and promptly for both domestic and international projects as a result. 

Simple to use

The film layer smooth on the surface of plywood waterproof offers good anti-stick qualities. As a result, the concrete layer is almost flat when the formwork is removed, allowing for direct painting without much refix. Additionally, it becomes simpler and requires less effort to clean and preserve the Film faced boards after use.

Film coated plywood for construction

Highly reusable

Plywood waterproof is tested at ADX during the manufacturing process to withstand 72 hours of boiling. As a result, it offers characteristics such as a strong structure, minimal deformation, and strong water and heat resistance. Thanks to that, it can gain multiple reuses and popularity among builders today.

Reduce wastage

In addition to the above advantages, using film-coated plank also helps limit cement leaking out during the pouring process. Thanks to its size and flatness, this sort or engineered wood when assembled forms a closed, fixed mold. This ensures that the concrete does not flow out and maintains the best quality for the project.

The formwork reduce wastage

How to store Formwork?

Proper storage and use of construction plywood also contribute to increasing its reusability. Take some notes below to save the best product quality!

Before use

  • Storage in dry places, avoid direct sunlight
  • Use a forklift for transportation
  • Do not drag panel along the floor
  • Fixed the bales when moving

During use

  • Use strong, sharp cutting equipment to reduce the negative impact on the board structure while safeguarding worker safety
  • After being cut, panel edges must be coated with water-resistant glue/oil to prevent termite infiltration
  • Apply an anti-adhesion chemical before pouring to easily clean up and safe the board
  • Tape the panel surface at the point of drilling or screwing

After use

  • Use water and plastic brushes to clean the surface
  • Before storing, make sure the board is dry and cleaned
  • Storage in dry places, avoid direct sunlight

How to store waterproof panel?

ADX Plywood – a Vietnamese supplier of high-quality product

“A satisfaction of our Partner’s Customers is the primary mission

ADX Plywood aims to become a leading Film Faced Plywood supplier in the domestic and international markets. We have strived to meet the required certificates in order to satisfy export standards as well as the demand of the engineered wood market.

  • Operating one of the leading engineered wood factories in Vietnam
  • Owning about 28.000 hectares legal plantation forest
  • Meeting standard of Carb P2, FSC, ISO
  • Providing the film coated panel withstand up to 72 hours of boiling

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Headquarters: Sarimi B2-00.08, Sala Urban Area, An Loi Dong Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC

Factory: Bac Dong Hoi Industrial Area, Thuan Duc commune, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

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