Material is one of the most difficult choices that homeowners and interior designers must make. There are numerous varieties of industrial wood available on the market today, each with unique properties and uses, including MDF, MFC,… With its benefits, engineered wood in particular is currently utilized for interior applications by a large number of consumers. To facilitate a better understanding among clients, ADX will present Melamine Plywood – The best material for interiors.

What is Melamine Plywood?

What is Melamine Plywood?

Melamine is a decorative paper-impregnated melamine glue MUF and is often added to industrial wood, especially plywood interiors. This type of paper is currently made in various colors, designs, and grain patterns. High pressure and controlled temperatures during the process give strength. Additionally, it is highly durable, waterproof, and scratch-resistant.

This material used to be known as imported wood because it was primarily imported from abroad. This material is composed of several thin veneer sheets which are placed on top of one another and measure around 1.7 mm. Melamine is applied to the surface of the material. Glues are used under standard pressure and temperature conditions to bond these layers. Because this material can adapt to a wide range of design styles in the furniture manufacturing industry.

Why is Melamine Plywood popular in interiors?

Melamine plywood furniture is one of the most popular industrial wood products with numerous functional and aesthetic benefits.

Impressive durability

Plywood benefits in interiors making

The planks have a high carrying capacity because of their structure, which consists of several veneer panels joined together with specialist glues. The number of veneer layers, in particular, is always odd (3, 5, 7, 9,…), with one layer as the center to help balance the board and reduce warping. This material can be utilized to make load-bearing goods such as cabinets, shelves, mattresses,…

In addition, the glue used in board manufacture can be waterproof. It helps this material avoid damage from things such as termites, blisters, and so on, allowing the structure to be durable. As a result, Melamine boards can be used in areas with harsh climates, high moisture levels, and frequent exposure to water, such as bathroom, kitchen cabinets,….

Adapt to many interior styles

Melamine Plywood, in particular, and engineered wood in general, are popular due to their high aesthetics. When you select interior products that complement your ideas, this can be viewed as a high priority. This engineered wood has a variety of colors and patterns, suiting practically every interior design today and contributing to its unique aesthetic advantages.

Plywood adapt to many interior styles

Health Safety

Furniture is a product that “lives” with people, so health and safety are one of the criteria manufacturers always put first. Wooden products are always safer for consumers than products made from plastic or steel.

Formaldehyde is a strong-smelling and colorless gas that induces both short-term and long-term health issues, frequently used in glues to produce engineered wood. At ADX, we use glue with standard E0, which guarantees absolute safety for the user’s health.

Affordable price

This material is reasonably priced and has the advantages of consistent quality and extended life. After extended durations of usage, certain products, in particular, can be recycled into different objects at will.

What to consider while using plywood furniture?

Formaldehyde emission standards

Formaldehyde emission standards in engineered wood

Customers should be aware of other standards related to formaldehyde emissions into the environment, in addition to the adhesive standards stated above. Formaldehyde is an in-color, volatile chemical ingredient that is usually used in the manufacture of industrial wood. Long-term exposure to high concentrations can induce respiratory problems in people; minor ones might irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, while more severe ones can cause pneumonia, respiratory tract inflammation, and other serious complications.

To protect human health, businesses have set up processes to ensure standards such as CARB P1, CARB P2, TSCA Title VI,… ADX is currently in compliance with TSCA Title VI and CARB P2 regulations with E0 standard, ensuring product safety and meeting export restrictions to tough markets like the United States, EU,…

Color & pattern

Each customer will have distinct preferences and needs for plywood furniture products, which will be reflected through design style. There are many design schools available currently, each with its unique attraction. Customers should consider choosing colors and patterns that suit the main color tone to create harmony across their houses.

Monochromatic deep tones such as white, gray, black,… are typically popular in Scandinavian, oozing elegance in the living area. Interiors with mild, slightly natural colors, such as stone-grained Melamine and Veneer, will be more suitable for a simple Rustic design.

Color & pattern of plywood furniture


Structure, also known as engineered wood layering, is an important factor impacting structure models LVL, LVB, and LVD, each getting a distinct set of advantages that are suitable for each product. Customers need to make choices that suit their needs.

Plywood interior products

Table & Chair

The melamine table & chair design is popular with the current design, with various tones that can be used in a variety of places in various styles.

Melamine plywood in furniture

Kitchen cabinet

Melamine board is one of the most popular industrial wood kinds used in kitchens due to its water-resistant and stain-resistant features. In addition, unlike some other materials, the user may easily clean up after themselves.

Kitchen cabinet plywood


This material is growing more popular, with its durable, sturdy, and long-term construction making it an excellent choice for wooden cabinet items. Many clients choose wooden cabinets with melamine-coated, especially given the low cost of natural wood items.

Plywood interior

Concluding part

The article above is about Melamine Plywood – The best material for interiors. Hopefully, you can choose the type of product that suits your needs. If you have any questions, please contact ADX Plywood using the information below!

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