Plywood boards are no longer so strange to international markets like Australia, America, Canada, etc. However, this type of engineered wood has only been popular in Vietnam for the last few years. As natural wood becomes scarcer, it is a great alternative, with excellent properties and appreciated aesthetics. That’s why high-innovative interior items can’t make it difficult with this kind of board. Let’s discover some no screw ready-to-assemble furniture in the article below.

Plywood – strong from the structure

Plywood - strong from the structure

Plywood is a high-end engineered wood with many superior advantages. It is manufactured from several layers of thin veneer wood stacked together in the popular LVD, LVL, and LVB structures, with the surface faced with melamine, natural wood veneer, etc. These layers are bound together by special glues like PF, MUF, UF, etc. and cured under high heat and pressure.

The board is primarily classified based on surface. Here are some of the most popular sort of this panels:

  • Melamine: is faced by a melamine layer with various colors and grains; it’s suitable for all interior styles, such as Minimalism, Rustic, Scandinavian, and so on.
  • Veneer: The surface is a highly aesthetic real wood veneer, which is widely used in nature-oriented furniture ideas design. In addition, this type of sheet is also applied to manufacture packaging for fragile, breakable products such as electronic components, agricultural goods, etc. It is believed to be the best material to replace real wood.
  • Film: With a water-resistant and glossy paper film, this board is an  ideal material for construction when used as a formwork. Moreover, it is commonly found in exterior items due to its extremely strong humidity and water resistance.

Zero-screw furniture – Unique design idea

Zero-screw furniture - Unique creation trend

No screw plywood furniture is an innovative item that has appeared for a long time. It’s easy to assemble, perfect for tables, bookshelves, chairs, etc., and brings many benefits for users. Gradually, this product gained popularity since it does not require as much screw support, which can save money. These inventions are created with high aesthetic value thanks to the craftsman’s ingenuity and imagination.

The perfect combine of plywood and zero-screw furniture

Nowadays, it’s not hard for customers to catch ready-to-assembles made from plywood. Using a the board for non-screw items is an excellent choice. So why is this panel so popular for knock-down furniture?

  • Suitable size and weight

The board has a standard size, thickness, and weight, making it easy and convenient for craftsmen to manufacture. Besides, assembly kit furniture receives positive feedback from users when it is easier to separate and move. This is also one of the advantages that makes the board products more well-liked than natural wood or some other materials, such as iron and steel.

  • Strength

Knock-down furniture does not use screws to fix the joints, so the selected material needs to be durable and stable. Plywood with a multi-layer overlapping wood structure is glued together under high pressure and temperature, giving firmness to the finished product. When exposed to strong forces acting on the joints, the board helps minimize deformation or fracture of edges and corners.

  • High aesthetic

Wood sheets have a wide variety of surfaces with diverse colors that are a plus point for assembly kit furniture. This makes it easier for consumers to make choices. Interior tones that match the design style will make the whole house more harmonious and tasteful.

Zero-screw furniture

  • Bendability

Bending is one of the highlights of the board that hardly any other industrial wood can replace. Not only is it easy to bend, but the board also retains its strength after bending, creating beautiful and high-quality items. This allows the craftsman to create products with unique curved structures from panel.

  • Affordable cost

Compared with real wood products, plywood boards are more affordable. At the same time, it has a wide range of eye-catching wood surfaces, so buyers just need to spend a moderate amount of money to utilize knock-down furniture with a similar style to natural wood.

How to make Ready-to-assemble furniture?

To make a zero-screw interior product, the artist’s imagination is the most important factor. Often, the craftsmen will sketch, create the joints, and then alter the details during the production process. Every craftsman needs to know about four basic types of woodworking joints so that they can be flexible with each product.

How to make Ready-to-assemble furniture?

Miter joint

A miter joint is a joint made by cutting two parts of two wooden surfaces, usually at a 45° angle, and then joining these two parts together to form a 90° angle. Not only in no-screw furniture or woodworking, miter joints are widely used in other products in life.


Using a wooden dowel to connect joints is considered one of the best methods for knock-down furniture. Dowels are cylindrical and usually cut into shorter dowel pins, similar to screws. In addition to helping to fix the connections in ready-to-assemble plywood furniture, the bigger dowels will be used in the same way as hangers for clothing, key rings, and household tools.


When using this wood joint, two boards will be connected by a thin intermediate wooden piece. Spline joints can also be combined with miter joints to enhance product stability. Spline is commonly used in products that require strength, such as cabinets, shelves, etc.

Mortise and tenon

Mortise and tenon is a long-standing wooden joint that is used in many products due to its durability. This wood joinery includes a tenon tongue and a mortise hole; It connected together to create a sturdy structure for the product. One drawback of mortise and tenon is that they require high precision when measuring and tight cutting. Therefore, the craftsman must be extremely careful and meticulous when making this joint.

Impressive designs of zero-screw plywood furniture

With the amazing advantages of engineered wood, the furniture ideas of zero-screw furniture products gain longevity while also improving appearances, giving harmony to the customer’s living space.


The knock-down beds have good durability, as much as the normal beds that use screws. Featuring the light weight of board, these beds can be easily removed and separated when the customer wants to renew the room. In bed designs, melamine coating is recommended with numerous tones that offer the user a sense of lightness and relaxation.

Bed designs of zero-screw furniture

Table and chair

Flat-pack tables and chairs are intelligent products that serve the maximum of human needs. These pieces of plywood furniture often bring freshness and uniqueness to their designs. Especially when taking advantage of the bending capabilities of the plank, users can create no-screw tables and chairs at home without the support of any equipment or machinery.

Table and Chair

Flat-pack shelf

Flat-pack shelves are no longer strange to a wide range of applications in life, from bookshelves to clothes racks to kitchen shelves… With non screw shelves, simplifying the details is a priority, especially for small areas, making the space cleaner and more clear.

Flat-pack shelf

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