In today’s modern life, interior design style is considered the “soul” of a house. Choosing the right design style will bring comfort to a living space and increase the homeowner’s temperament. In particular, materials in the design stage also play an equally important role. These can be mentioned as plywood – a material that has made a lot of impressions in the furniture industry in recent years. Let’s take a look at the five interior design styles below.

Classic interior style 

Classic style is a design style that impresses with its sophistication and classicism. In this design style, commonly used furniture must be highly meticulous and expensive. Combined with a coherent arrangement, sophisticated and complex decorative motifs bring luxury and class to the elite.

Modern interior style 

This is a design style well-known to many families. Furniture products in this style often prioritize smart and minimalist furniture to bring convenience to daily life. In addition, the interior layout also focuses on optimizing living space, which is suitable for families with small spaces.

Nordic interior style

This design style is gradually becoming a trend and thriving in Asian countries. Nordic interior style brings the beauty of elegance, modernity, and harmony between colors. The main color of this design is usually white, brown, or cream. Combined with modern plywood furniture will contribute to increasing the sophistication of your own home.

Rustic interior style

Rustic interior style is a design trend that emphasizes minimalism and harmony with nature. The plywood furniture often used in this style has a simple design and rustic, rudimentary look. The Rustic style will give your home a unique, new and balancedly sophisticated living space.

Retro interior style

The Retro interior style has bright and cheerful colors. This harmonious combination of colors creates a fresh and lively living space. Furniture in this style often carries a classic breath but is sophisticated and modern. The main color tone of the Retro design style is usually orange, yellow, red, blue, etc.

Choosing the right interior design style will bring a comfortable and comfortable living space. ADX Plywood hopes this article will help you learn about the prevailing design styles. From there, search for yourself as an optimal and most suitable option.

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